Vic's Journal

What is “Camp Life, Best Life”?

By Elizabeth McCurry
June 26, 2023

Every year at Victory Junction, our team comes up with a theme that represents the upcoming year with a saying, phrase, or sometimes a state of mind while at Camp. This year, we went with a short but powerful one: “Camp Life, Best Life.” In this blog story we wanted to dive a little deeper into what that truly means to us, our volunteers, our supporters, our staff, and most importantly, our campers.

“Camp Life, Best Life” encapsulates the spirit of adventure and new things that await our campers. VJ helps the kids we serve step outside their comfort zones, try new things, and embrace the thrill of the unknown.

Camper on zipline smiling.
Campers can experience adventure and discover new abilities.

From conquering our Alpine climbing tower, to getting on stage and performing for Stage Day, to soaring on a zipline, Victory Junction provides a safe and supportive environment, where campers can push boundaries to discover their own strengths.

With new adventures at VJ comes another way that Camp Life can be the Best Life – by building confidence in all our campers. In the inclusive space here, they are encouraged to celebrate their abilities. All of the activities at VJ are intentionally adapted for all our campers to unleash their full potential. At Camp, every achievement is a Victory!

Camper on zipline smiling.
Campers can experience adventure and discover new abilities.
Campers and counselors on a paddle boat.
Kids with similar diagnoses meet at Camp and form fast friendships.

Another way that “Camp Life, Best Life” is celebrated at VJ is the way that campers make friends with their cabinmates. Campers come to Victory Junction from different backgrounds and very different parts of life. But when they are here, they are surrounded by other campers who have similar diagnoses. So, who best to understand them than someone else who is close to their age and has been through very similar experiences as they have? Through all the Camp adventures, laughter filled days, and maybe even a heartfelt cabin chat or two, our campers make friends in the span of just a couple of days.

“Camp Life, Best Life” is also a mindset to some. At Victory Junction we have a lot of traditions, cheers, songs, sayings, and more that represent Camp to all that come here. It creates a culture that you can almost feel in the air that surrounds those who come here- a culture of light and love. Some claim that because of how accepted, understood, and supported they feel at Camp, that they feel Victory Junction is a second home.

We asked staff, and our social media followers what “Camp Life, Best Life” meant to them and we wanted to share some of those answers.

Campers and counselors in the waterpark smiling.
Victory Junction helps campers find belonging and build resilience.

“As a camper, I would say that Camp is my favorite place ever. I feel happy and comfortable here. No matter what, I won’t be judged, and I will be celebrated for even the smallest of achievements.” – Anonymous

“Being able to be myself and take that into the world after Camp.” – Kayla

“To me, Camp Life, Best Life means taking what you experience and learn at Camp and using that to help you live your best life outside of Camp. I think the impact of Camp Life applies, not only to the kids we serve, but also to volunteers, summer staff, and year-round staff.” – John

“Camp brings out our best selves and reminds us of the important parts of life.” – Bernadette

“Camp life is the best life because when at camp, campers can do ANYTHING, and they get to be with kiddos who are just like them! Volunteers and staff get to experience what it is to help others, live in the moment, and they get to experience what it’s like part of a community that is judgment free!” – Billie Jo

“It is being true to yourself and knowing you will be accepted as your true self” – Anonymous

“Camp Life, Best Life” at Victory Junction represents so much more than a catchy theme. It embodies the transformative power of camp experiences for children with complex medical conditions. It’s a reminder that, within the embrace of love, support, and adventure, lives are forever changed. Because we think that Camp Life is SOOOOO good, we hope that no matter where our campers, volunteers, counselors, and staff go, that they bring the experiences they get inside Camp’s gates – bravery, confidence, ability to make friends, laughter, or even doughnut eating contests, outside of VJ and into their daily lives. We hope they take Camp memories and become a source of inspiration, resilience, and joy that extend far beyond time at camp.

Join us as we continue to celebrate “Camp Life, Best Life” this year and unlock the magic that lies within each camper, family, volunteer, supporter, and staff at Victory Junction.