Victory Junction Fan Walk, made possible by Morrissette
Victory Junction Fan Walk, made possible by Morrissette

The Fan Walk is a beautiful brick walkway located at the main entrance of Victory Junction. It’s winding path beginning by the water tower, leads visitors through a gate, and ultimately takes you to an original Norfolk Southern caboose. More than 30,000 bricks make up the Fan Walk and the caboose provides a scenic overlook of camp. Custom park benches also add to the ambiance of this unique and serene area at Victory Junction.

Made possible by Morrisette, the Fan Walk was constructed in 2008, four years after Camp opened. It offers individuals, groups, and businesses an opportunity to become a part of Victory Junction for years to come. Personalized bricks and benches are a great way to honor, remember, and celebrate someone or something special in your life, while helping further the Victory Junction mission.


Commemorative Brick – $100

Personalized bricks, engraved with names or special messages, are a great way to commemorate loved ones or important things in your life. 4″ x 8″ brick, holds up to 3 lines of text.

From the Heart Brick – $145

An expression of love for special people or things that you cherish can be recognized by including a heart symbol on the brick. 4″ x 8″ brick, holds up to 3 lines of text, including a heart symbol.

Signature Brick – $445

Signature brick

Take engraved bricks to the next level. Your very own logo will shine on this larger brick option. 8″ x 8″ brick, allows room for your personalized logo, plus 4 lines of text, or 6 lines of text without a logo.

Dedicated Brick Pad – $4,500

Individual brick pads are highlights along the Fan Walk. These pads are ideal for large orders and ensure your bricks are laid together, all in the same location. 100 – 4” x 8” bricks.

Custom Bench & Dedicated Brick Pad – $10,450

Fan Walk Bench

For the ultimate Fan Walk option, pay tribute to your family, friends, company, etc. by spotlighting them on a custom bench and dedicated brick pad. The bench can hold up to 20 characters (including any spaces) and bricks can be ordered all at once or over the course of one year from the original order date. An exquisite park bench, plus 4” x 8” and/or 8″ x 8″ bricks for the pad.