Partnership Programs

Why Partner with Victory Junction?

Did you know that at Victory Junction we partner with other groups and organizations to host day programs, family weekends, and other events on site? We have an adaptable and fully accessible facility, offer a medically safe environment, and have many program areas to choose from to use for activities or meeting space. We also have staff on-site to assist with your planning and facilitation needs! Interested? Read more to find out about our programs or give us a call!

Watch this video to learn more about Victory Junction.

What We Offer
Victory Junction boasts a state-of-the-art, fully accessible and adaptively equipped facility to meet individuals where they are and provide fun, engaging, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for campers and their families. Partnering with Victory Junction allows you, as a partner, to relax and trust that we can handle all programmatic needs in a safe environment for everyone.

What We Do
As the program partner, your role once on camp is to enjoy the programming, be a point of contact for our Camp Program Team if needed, but mostly just be present to ensure your participants are enjoying themselves and see the magic that camp provides firsthand, while our team takes care of the rest!

If you would like to play a part in leading a session or activity, giving a keynote speech or welcome, or speaking at camp closing, we welcome you to. But if not, you can rest assured that our team will have everything covered!

Program Options

Day Program
Day Programs at Victory Junction typically happen on a Saturday. A Day Program has a flat fee and generally covers a 12-hour time period of programming and activities.

Archery instructor helping camper shoot bow

Weekend Program
Weekend Programs at Victory Junction take place from Friday evening to Sunday morning. A Weekend Program can accommodate up to 32 families. The program has a flat fee that includes program areas, meals and lodging.

Smiling family

Current 2019 Partners

University of North Carolina Hospitals – Hematology/Oncology Day
The Network of Tyrosinemia Advocates
National Fabry Disease Foundation
Trillium Health Resources

We work with every partner on a case-by-case basis to determine specific needs. Give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you!

Contact Jodi Chiz, Partnership Programs Director, at 336.495.2036.