Meet Our Leaders

Meet our Leaders

The men and women listed on this page share our belief that every child, no matter their illness or disability, deserves the chance to be a kid and enjoy typical childhood experiences. Therefore, they have dedicated themselves to lead the efforts to sustain Victory Junction today and for years to come. Board members attend quarterly board meetings, make governance decisions, support the camp financially and proactively promote Victory Junction. Staff leadership oversees the day-to-day operation of camp.

Board Members:

Kyle Petty
Emeritus Chairman &
Founder of Victory Junction

Timothy Welborn
Vice Chairman

Anna Marie Smith

Carolyn Bechtel

Sherri McMillen

Priscilla McCall

Erich Hamm

Mark Curran

Paul Sagerman, M.D.
Member At-Large

Bobby Rice

Jordan Washburn

Daniel Agresta

Staff Leadership:

Chad Coltrane
President & Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Weber
Chief Financial Officer

Frances Beasley
Chief Development Officer

Jonathan Lemmon
Chief Operating Officer

Tracy Hedrick
Vice President of Facilities

John Barnett
Director of Marketing & Communications