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Victory Junction Vic's Riders
Experience the empowering and healing benefits of equine assisted activities at Victory Junction’s year-round therapeutic riding program. PATH certified instructors offer safe and fun lessons that extend beyond the saddle. Our lessons teach riding skills to riders from various backgrounds with cognitive, physical, emotional and behavioral disabilities.
victory junction vic's riders

Who We Serve
3 years and older
● Individuals with chronic illnesses
● Individuals with cognitive, physical, emotional, behavioral, developmental and/or intellectual disabilities
● Past and current Victory Junction campers
● Senior citizens
● A course to acquire skills necessary for volunteering is also available.

Vic's Riders Mission

Our Mission
Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals with various abilities though the benefits of equine therapy by providing affordable, safe and fun therapeutic riding lessons to the local community.

Riding lessons are FREE to all Victory Junction campers.

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Therapeutic riding lessons help riders gain muscle tone, improve posture, and increase strength and balance because a horse’s stride mimics a human’s walk. Riders can also overcome fears and gain self-confidence. Cognitively, therapeutic riding allows riders to reach education goals such as letter recognition and other goals that can be incorporated into lessons. Riding lessons help socially as riders interact with peers and work together with them in lessons to overcome possible challenges. Riding also provides sensory input though the horses gait and may allow riders to focus on different skills and learn new tasks while receiving the needed sensory input.

Safe, fun, and educational riding lessons for those with disabilities as deemed safe and appropriate by PATH staff and personal therapist/doctor. An evaluation session will be conducted by Victory Junction staff prior to sign up and acceptance to a riding session.


Required one-time evaluation session: $15 per rider
Group Lessons: $25 per lesson
Private Lessons: $40 per lessons
Minimum 4 week commitment

Lesson Times:

Tuesday & Thursday
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
5:00 pm -8:00 pm

9:30 am – 12:30 pm
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Participants must submit a signed waiver and release form before riding.

Download Waiver and Release of Liability Form

For those that want to enjoy horses safely and in a controlled environment from the ground. Some program participants might start in this program before progressing on to actual riding lessons. They will learn how to safely interact with horses, horse care and other horse skills that will be useful.


Required one-time evaluation session: $15 per participant
Private ground work lessons, 30-60 mins: $20 per lesson
Minimum 4 week commitment

Silver Saddles provides a program for local senior citizens to learn about and enjoy horses! This program is flexible as it can be both groundwork and saddle time.


Participants 55 years and older
1 time per week


Riding Lessons
Required one-time evaluation session: $15 per rider
30 minute private lesson: $25 weekly fee
60 minute group lesson: $20 weekly fee
Minimum 4 week commitment

Ground Work
60 minute lesson, groups of 5-16 people
$15 per person for groups of 9 or fewer
$10 per person for groups of 10-16
No evaluation required for group rates, 5 people minimum

Participants must submit a signed waiver and release form before riding.

Download Waiver and Release of Liability Form

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in getting involved with Vic’s Riders? Become a volunteer by contacting our Barn Director, Kelsey Repsch.

Ages 13 and up. No experience working with horses or people with special needs required.

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Lesson Program Volunteers:

Horse Leader
Responsible for the horse before, during, and after a therapeutic riding lesson. Horse leaders receive additional training on grooming and tacking their assigned horse and how to effectively and safely lead a horse during lessons. Horse leaders are also responsible for ensuring that the horse is properly cooled out, untacked, groomed, and put away or turned out after the lesson. Must be able to walk in a sand arena or on a trail for 30-60 minutes.

Side Walker
Responsible for remaining with their rider before, during, and after their lesson to ensure full engagement at all times and the safety of the rider. Side walkers will receive additional training on effectively providing support for their riders whether that be a therapeutic hold while riding or simply reinforcing the skills being learned. After the lesson, the side walker is asked to remain with the rider and help with any post-lesson activity. Must be able to walk in a sand arena or on a trail for 30-60 minutes.

Barn Buddy
The Barn Buddy program is a ground lesson program where participants learn about horses from the ground (non-riding). Lessons can include grooming, parts of the horse, horse handling, etc. Barn buddies must be comfortable interacting and teaching about horses from the ground. Barn buddies will be trained on safety and teaching techniques. Lessons are between 30-60 minutes.

Equine Program Volunteers:

Equine Care and Facility Volunteers
These volunteers are responsible for assisting with the general care of the horses including feeding, grooming, stall cleaning, and facility upkeep. In additional to the general Vic’s Riders orientation, these volunteers are required to attend a specific training on horse and facility care.

Participants must submit a signed waiver and release form before riding.

Download Waiver and Release of Liability Form

Equine Program Intern


Victory Junction is now offering an intern position for the Equine program. This internship can provide a variety of experiences based on the prospective intern’s area(s) of interest. Internships are centered around the mission of Victory Junction and Vic’s Riders but may include a wide variety of opportunities.

Interns can learn about different areas of a nonprofits function from volunteer and nonprofit management to equine welfare, general horse care, horse training, horse selection, disability awareness, side walking and leading during lessons, lesson planning, and facility upkeep.

Interns may choose to be involved in multiple areas to get a well-rounded idea of how a therapeutic riding facility works, and how a large non-profit is run. Internships can be tailored so that the intern can meet his/her educational needs.

Interns would work around 30 hours per week. Housing can be provided if needed but it is not required to live on the facility.

For more information, please contact Kelsey Repsch, Barn Director.  To apply please send cover letter and resume.

Victory Junction Vic's Riders Want to Know More

Kelsey Repsch | Barn Director