The Colors of Victory


At Victory Junction, every camper and counselor is a part of a Unit. This is their family for the week. Here is what you need to know about our Units:

Unit Purpose

At camp, kids discover that there are other kids their age that are faced with the same challenges as them. That makes them feel like a member of a huge family. One way we achieve the feeling of togetherness and belonging is through our Units.

According to Unit Leader Jordan Horn, Units also instill camp pride within our campers. By giving them a sense of community and importance, they can feel proud of not only themselves, but of other campers.

Unit Names

Our four unit names are based off of their color themes: blue, red, yellow and green.

Unit Placement

There are 16 cabins: 4 blue, 4 red, 4 green and 4 yellow that are separated into our four Units. Campers are placed into their cabin based on their gender and age group: youngest, second youngest, second oldest and oldest. Once campers receive their cabin assignment, they know their Unit for the week.

Unit Cheers

Age and color theme aren’t the only differences between the four Units. Each Unit has its own chant and dance move. When all of the Units are together, there is a competition to see which has the most camp spirit.

Unit Tradition

Packing comes easy after you know your Unit color. Many campers and counselors like to wear their Unit color head to toe to show their Unit pride. Units also gather together for meals, during daytime activities and even bunk together.

Once campers enter our gates, it becomes our responsibility to provide them with fun activities and life-changing experiences. It is also our job to create relationships that make our campers feel accepted for who they are. Our unique unit system is one way we establish these relationships.