Vic's Journal

Staff Spotlight: Meet Bailey

By Kayla White
July 14, 2023

Adventures in Rentals, Condos, and Pit Crews

Introducing our Director of Facility Rentals and Community Partnerships, Bailey Black! Bailey has been working at Victory Junction since January 2023. Before working at Camp, Bailey’s work mostly was concentrated in the the world of sports. When she was 18, she started working with the Carolina Panthers in the Marketing and Entertainment departments. After graduating from the University of South Carolina, Bailey spent some time interning with the Indiana Colts football team. Her next adventure was with the Las Vegas Raiders, where she was the cheerleading coordinator, director, and manager!

After all of her traveling, Bailey began to miss home, her family, and her friends on the East Coast. In 2022, she moved back to Charlotte, North Carolina, and she took some time off to be around the people she loves so much. Around December of that year, Bailey took a tour of Victory Junction and fell in love. She discovered that a position was available on the Development Team, which she applied for and was hired! But what does it mean to have Bailey’s job? What does someone in her position do?

Bailey Black
Bailey joined Victory Junction in January 2023.

One part of Bailey’s job is renting out some of the spaces around Camp that aren’t used as much outside of the summer, like the Fuel Stop, Adam’s Race Shop, and the Silver Theater. These spaces can be rented out for a corporate retreat, company and team bonding, or even parties and celebrations. Right now, if someone wishes to reserve a space at Camp, they can call or email Bailey. However, she is working hard to create an online accessible location for companies to rent out various spaces at Victory Junction! She is hoping to have an online intake form for companies to fill out that will help make the process so much easier soon!

Bailey Black
Bailey joined Victory Junction in January 2023.

Another part of Bailey’s job is managing Victory Junction’s  condominium at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The condo was donated to Victory Junction by a generous supporter several years ago. Recently, Bailey renovated and updated the entire condo to a more modern look. On Memorial Day weekend, a family vacationed at the condo, where Bailey was their host. They had the amazing opportunity to meet Richard Petty, as well as being able to see the NASCAR garages and heading down to Pit Road. The best part of this piece of Bailey’s job is that all the profits from people staying at the condo go back to Camp!

Bailey Black and Richard Petty
Bailey and Richard Petty at NASCARnival.

Bailey also does important work behind the scenes to ensure that special events at Camp run smoothly. If you’ve ever wondered how we arrange for a driver and a pit crew on NASCARnival nights, she is also responsible for that. Bailey stays in contact with people like Richard and Kyle Petty, as well as other NASCAR drivers and crews.

A few fun facts about Bailey are that her favorite color is pink, her favorite animals are sloths and dogs, and her favorite drink is coffee! We asked, “if a sunbutter and jelly sandwich got into a boxing match with a taco, who would win?” Bailey thinks it would be the sunbutter and jelly sandwich. We love having Bailey on our year-round staff, and we appreciate all the great work she does for Camp!

If you or someone you know is interested in renting a space at Victory Junction or a condo at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, please contact Bailey Black at