Medical Team
Medical Team


We are so excited you have chosen to spend time with us this summer. Your sacrifice will bring you much joy and reward while providing your campers with an amazing opportunity. They truly would not attend without you!

Please view the following modules and videos PRIOR to coming to camp. We have very limited time once you arrive, so you will be expected to hit the ground running.

Prior to attending camp, you must view:
1 – Training module for your week. This is for background info only, do not memorize.
2 – Body Shop Tour Video
3 – Campsite Sunday Check-In Video
4 – Med Pour Procedure Video
5 – Campsite Med Pass and Log Entry Video
6 – Camper Care 101 Video (cerebral palsy, spina bifida and physical disabilities weeks only)

Click here for packing list.

Please contact us with any information or questions.
Keep Courtney’s cell phone number handy: 828-442-2722.
The number to the Body Shop is 336-495-2000 (can give to your family just in case). Cell service is possible, but limited especially with Verizon.

Get ready to play and dance!

Courtney and Emily