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Life on Cabin Row

July 18, 2017

When you think about staying in cabins at a camp, you think plain and simple. Those words just aren’t in our vocabulary. Our cabins are nothing shy of unique. Here are eight things you should know about Cabin Row:
1. A Cabin Like No Other

All of our cabins are race themed. Each bed is in the shape of a racecar, our nightstands look like fuel pumps and a steel toolbox takes the place of a tradition trunk that holds campers’ belongings.

2. Cabins or Racetracks?

Our cabins aren’t your average cabins – so they have to have special names. Each cabin is named after a racetrack. For example, we have the Martinsville cabin, Daytona cabin and the Talladega cabin.

3. A Camp Memory to Last Forever

At the beginning of each camp session, a homemade bear and blanket is placed onto every cabin bed. We want campers to have something they can take home and hold onto that will forever remind them of camp.

4. A Place of Their Own

Cabins have two sides: one for campers and the other for counselors. Kids have their own space to hang out with their cabin mates, but counselors are just on the other side if assistance is needed. Little things like having their own space to feel independent gives kids the opportunity to grow at camp.

5. VIP Only

Camper and counselor comfort, privacy and safety is our top priority. One of the many ways we ensure this is by tucking our cabins away from the main parts of camp. Although everyone wants to check out Cabin Row, it is only for our campers and counselors. However, during off-season tours, visitors are able to view the cabins and Cabin Row.

6. A Cabin Fit For All

These aren’t your typical cramped cabins. Cabins are completely accessible with walk/roll-in showers, spacious doorways and room between beds for any medical equipment.

7. Campers Unite!

At Victory Junction, every camper and counselor is a part of a Unit. Each Unit is grouped by age and gender – their group is their camp family for the week. They gather for meals, during daytime activities and even bunk together. Learn More about Units

8. Cabin Chat

Cabin chats are a tradition at Victory Junction. Every night, campers and counselors get together to tell stories and just well… talk! It helps campers build closer friendships, have a good time, support one another and just laugh.