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Who’s Mr.Crew?

By Hannah O’Briant

June 28, 2019

Being a volunteer at Victory Junction is more than just a behind the scenes job. Getting the chance to hang out with awesome campers makes for an amazing week, and keeps volunteers coming back year after year. 


Chuck Crew, from Raleigh, North Carolina, has been volunteering at Victory Junction for ten years now. He first volunteered at a SeriousFun camp in 2004 located in Ireland, called Barretstown. Chuck retired from a pharmaceutical company in 2008 and decided that volunteering at a camp like Victory Junction was something he wanted to do with his retirement. We have been so fortunate to see Chuck come through those front gates every year since.  

Even after so many years of volunteering, Chuck continues to give camp his all and make the most of his time here. He spends a lot time helping in the Fuel Stop, the camp’s dining hall, setting up for the next meal or cleaning up after the last one. When Chuck isn’t in the Fuel Stop, he likes to hang out with the campers, whether it’s at the waterpark, bowling alley, or archery center.  

Chuck explained that, “despite some challenges, every second is worth it. 

Over the years, Chuck has gained insight on the different medical conditions or serious illnesses that children are living with. Given the option to stay in the dining hall and prepare for the next meal or go to any of the program areas to hang out with the campers, he always chooses the campers. It’s evident that the sole reason for Chuck returning year after year is his love for the campers. 

He can’t help but smile when he’s helping a camper catch their first fish or bowl their first strike. “I’m just a kid at heart,” Chuck said. 

Camp at Victory Junction wouldn’t be possible without the time and talents of our dedicated volunteers, but it’s also gratifying to see the impact camp has on them as well. Chuck is always full of excitement and enthusiasm, and we are grateful to get the chance to work with such a wonderful volunteer. 


It’s clear how much Chuck cares for Victory Junction and the kindhearted people like him are who help make camp feel like home.