What to Expect
What to Expect

Living Quarters

Our Living Quarters

Each cabin sleeps up to eight campers in one large room. Up to eight counselors or volunteers are in the cabin as well, separated by a sliding door. Counselors stay up with the campers each evening during cabin chat and then remain in the cabin once the campers go to sleep. There is a bathroom specifically for the campers that includes three bathroom stalls and two fully accessible showers, including shower chairs.

Dining Hall

Our Dining Hall

Three times a day, your child will ‘refuel’ at the Fuel Stop, our full service cafeteria. Your child will eat at the table with their cabinmates and counselors and then engage with the rest of the campers during our after meal dance party. Snack is provided on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 4 pm.



There is no unsupervised activity. Your child will always be accompanied by a counselor and be in view of an additional counselor or staff.

Our medical staff, which consists of nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assistants and emergency medical technicians, will be fully engaged in everyday activities around camp with your child.



Boating and Fishing
● Creative Arts (arts and crafts + woodshop)
● Adam’s Race Shop – hands with a real racecar, racing simulation games
● Archery
● Sports and Recreation
● Horse Barn
● Mini Golf
● Bowling
● Fab Shop
● Adventure Tower/Zipline/Swing (second oldest and oldest units only – approximate ages 12+)



Adventure Tower/Zipline/Swing: Only for our second oldest and oldest units (approx. ages 12+). If your camper is more than 250 lbs., they may participate in an alternate activity.

Waterpark: Your child will always be within arm’s length of their counselor while in the waterpark. This is to ensure your child’s safety at all times. The pool is zero entry and heated.

Hot Air Balloons at NASCARnival: Your child will have the chance to take a ride in a hot air balloon during our Tuesday night activity. These hot air balloons are tethered (static ropes attached to the ground), and will be accompanied by the professionals who are providing the service.

Boating and Fishing: Your child can go out on our lake in a canoe, paddle boat, kayak, or even ride our pontoon boat. If they catch a fish, tradition calls for them to kiss the fish or their counselor can kiss it for them.

Jessie’s Horse Power Garage: While riding a horse, campers can have the option of having a side walker alongside them. If they do not have trunk control, we have someone who will be able to back ride with them to help support them. If your camper is more than 250 lbs., they may participate in an alternate activity. They will also be given the opportunity to go inside and pet our resident llamas, bunnies, horses, ponies, and donkeys.

Sports and Recreation: Our team’s focus is to design intentional programming that is catered to each specific age/gender group that is participating. While there may be different activities where contact is involved, we will not be facilitating intentional contact sports such as soccer and football.