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Together We Are Camp

By Elizabeth McCurry
December 19, 2022

Together We Are Camp

Every year some of our staff get together and think about what a theme for Camp will be. This year, we chose the theme “Together We Are Camp,” for a couple reasons. And when we did, so many people came to mind.

Always, the first individuals to come to the forefront are our campers and their families. We have neon hearts that beat in two different places at Camp, and one of them only lights when campers are inside the gates. They are quite literally the heartbeat and motivation behind everything we do at VJ.

Volunteers and VJ families on a family camp weekend.
Volunteers and VJ families on a family camp weekend.

Another group of people we thought of are our volunteers. We are confident that we have the best group of volunteers in the world! Our volunteers give up time at their jobs, with their families, and so much more just to use their talents to serve the mission at VJ. How awesome?! We appreciate the time they spend with groundskeeping, housekeeping, in our kitchen, and with our campers more than we can say!

Of course, we can’t forget about our amazing group of Summer staff. Our summer staff are always a great group of people who dedicate entire summers to the mission of VJ.

Volunteers and VJ families on a family camp weekend.
Volunteers and VJ families on a family camp weekend.

Whether they are on the medical side of Camp or working in cabins or programs areas, they are often the creators of the laughter, and fun at VJ.

Our donors, supporters, and partners are such a huge part of Camp. Without their generosity, we couldn’t serve our campers in the compacity that we do. They are the reason that our campers can continue to attend Camp – at no cost to their families.

Campers and staff gather for the closing campfire after a summer session.
Campers and staff gather for the closing of a summer session.

Another piece of camp is our year-round Staff. They all work behind the scenes to make VJ a great place for all the groups mentioned above.

Lastly, we can’t forget the piece of the puzzle that Adam Petty and his family have in the Camp story. Without Adam’s dream of a place for kids to just be kids, and the actions of his family to make them a reality, we wouldn’t be writing this blog story today.

Together is such a powerful word, and Victory Junction wouldn’t be the same without each and every part of our Camp family. The list of people who make Camp possible for our amazing campers could go on and on. And it certainly includes YOU reading this! Without any of these groups of people, we couldn’t do what we do. And so for being here, for helping make Camp possible, we say THANK YOU. Thank you for helping us serve the best kids in the world in a community we have formed together. Because Together, We Are Camp.