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Meet Kahmilah

By Katy Borum

June 15, 2018

Victory Junction Camper Stories Kahmilah

“I think I made a new friend” Kahmilah, 16, said to me as she gave me a hug after I helped her shoot her first bullseye in the new archery center.

Kahmilah is a returning camper who travels nine hours from Virginia each year to camp. When I met Kahmilah her bright smile instantly became contagious. I was sitting by myself watching all the campers when she made her way over to me and started talking. We talked about our favorite movies, songs, and dance moves. She then proceeded to teach me how to do the newest dance move, flossing. At NASCARnival not only did Kahmilah allow me to walk around with her but she was always making sure I was being included in the conversation and having a good time.

Victory Junction Camper Stories Kahmilah

This is what Victory Junction is all about. Simple gestures that go a long way. Kahmilah touched me by talking with me, allowing me to be a part of her camp experience, and then giving me the honor of being her friend. This camp creates bonds and friendships in an atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else.

“Friends, Fun, and Freedom” is the theme of camp this summer and I am already seeing it put into action first hand. The freedom of being able to be a kid at camp allows campers like Kahmilah to leave their diagnosis at the gates, have fun and make friends during the process.

Kahmilah had such a big impact on me because I saw my younger self in her. A girl who just wants to share her joy of life with others. Whether she was riding a horse, shooting a bow and arrow at archery, or playing games at the Super Dome, Kahmilah was always laughing and spreading her joy.

Victory Junction Camper Stories Kahmilah

The Victory Junction community is all about creating an atmosphere where kids can feel free and find the bliss in things they may not get to do outside camp. It is amazing to witness to say the least.

This is a SeriousFun camp that forms a seriously big impression on everyone who walks through the gates.