victory junction team VJ medical professionals
victory junction team VJ medical professionals

Camp Update

Currently we are not accepting applications for medical volunteers. Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, our 2020 spring and summer camp programs have been suspended. For more information, please read our full statement here.

victory junction team VJ medical professionals
Few things are more rewarding than helping a child expand their boundaries and achieve things they never thought possible. Our medical volunteers and summer staff play a large part in that process. Are you looking for that type of experience? Please reach out to Courtney M. Gardner if you have any questions.
victory junction team VJ medical professionals
victory junction team VJ requirements

Volunteer Requirements
We have a few requirements that our volunteers must meet. Due to the special needs of our campers, volunteers must be 19 years of age or older. Volunteers are also required to provide us with a physical, TB test, and immunizations (Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella and Tdap).

Summer Staff Requirements
We have a few requirements that our summer staff must meet. Due to the special needs of our campers, summer staff must be 19 years of age or 18 with at least one year of college. Summer staff positions are residential and require a commitment for the entire summer (Mid-May through Mid-August). Victory Junction is a high energy working environment, so our staff must physically and mentally able to help campers while maintaining a positive outlook.

victory junction team VJ medical professionals
victory junction team VJ Fall Spring Opportunities

Our family weekend program runs during the fall from September through November and the spring in March and April. The fall volunteer application opens on July 1st and the spring volunteer application opens on November 1st.

Medical Family Pal
As a health-care professional, you have the option to volunteer as a Medical Family Pal. Medical Family Pals are paired with a family and serve as their guides throughout the weekend. That means welcoming your family to camp, escorting them throughout their camp experience and enjoying the joys of camp with all members of the family. Your role is very import because as the initial face of Victory Junction and the family’s constant representation, you have a major part in the feel of camp and the community that is established. As a Medical Family Pal, you carry a “First Aid Backpack” with limited medications and supplies to be made available to our families and other volunteers should they be needed.

You must be licensed appropriately and eligible to practice medicine or nursing in North Carolina.

victory junction team VJ medical professionals
victory junction team VJ medical professionals
victory junction team VJ Summer Opportunities

Our summer camp program runs from June through August. The summer staff and volunteer application opens on December 1st.

*Paid Summer Staff Position

Unit Nurse*
Unit Nurses work side-by-side with our full-time medical staff to provide primary care to a group of 25-32 campers with specific diagnoses. Job responsibilities include following each camper’s individual plan of care as detailed by their home physician or specialist, providing needed treatments, medication administration, and supporting the Full-time medical staff with paperwork. Unit Nurses must be a certified RN with experience to be considered.

Night Shift Nurse*
The night shift registered nurse will primarily work 8pm – 8am Sunday evening to Thursday morning. This person will assist with nighttime routines and receive sign-out from the Unit Nurses during the day. Responsibilities include addressing overnight issues with campers, administering night time medications, and consulting with on-call providers as needed.

Body Shop Intern*
As a part of the summer medical team, this position offers additional support to the unit nurses and campers. In addition to clinical responsibilities, this person will assist with administrative tasks in the Body Shop and making sure campers are having fun! A new graduate registered nurse or a senior nursing student will be considered for this position.

Volunteer Medical Staff
We rely on our wonderful network of volunteer nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assistants, EMTs, and pharmacists to provide the best possible care for our campers.  Registered nurses are responsible for administering medications and providing routine, daily care to our campers.  Physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants staff the Body Shop to assess and treat conditions that may arise throughout the week. EMTs staff our high risk areas while providing on-site, back-up for any emergency that may arise. Pharmacists and nurses are needed for check-in days on Sundays only. Student nurses may also join the team to provide additional support to our nurses.

victory junction team VJ medical professionals
victory junction team VJ join the fun

Please contact Courtney M. Gardner with any questions regarding volunteering or summer staff opportunities as a medical professional.