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45 Club Member Spotlight

August 13, 2019

Meet Jordan Washburn

This month, we are introducing you to one of Victory Junction’s 45 Club members, Jordan Washburn.


Joining the 45 Club was an easy decision for Mr. Washburn. “There are two things that I really love, next to my family, of course, and those are racing and children. I remember when the camp was just getting started and I literally begged the staff to let me do something to help,” Washburn said.

Mr. Washburn had visited a similar camp in Florida and saw the impact that camp had on the children attending. He wanted to do everything he could to bring that to other children through Victory Junction.

His long-held belief that ‘You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you’ is a sentiment that he lives by every day. Mr. Washburn is a tireless advocate for Victory Junction and shares the message of camp with everyone.
Jordan Washburn

As a camp founder and board member, Mr. Washburn has raised millions of dollars to help build and to send children to camp. Including camp in his future plans reflects his commitment to the future of Victory Junction.

We are very thankful for Mr. Washburn and for our other 45 Club members and their dedication to all the children yet to come.


For more information on how you can become a 45 Club member,
contact Tonya Hayes at 336.495.2041 or