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Grace’s Final lap

By Katy Borum

July 27, 2018

Victory Junction Camp Stories Grace's Final Lap

Having the opportunity to attend Victory Junction for multiple years is a true gift for campers, but their last year can be hard. Leaving a place that provides a sense of acceptance makes for an emotional departure.


Although leaving the gates of camp for the final year can be emotional, the memories and friends that were made will be carried on well past camp. Grace Parnell, a camper of nine years, is at Victory Junction for her last time this summer.

Victory Junction Camp Stories Grace's Final Lap
“It’s my last year at camp and it is kind of sad I won’t be back. I’ll really miss it.” – Camper Grace

Hearing Grace reminisce about her camp experiences over the years really exhibit how much of a profound impact Victory Junction has on campers. Grace revealed how her favorite area of camp has always been archery. While talking about archery, Grace’s tone of voice changed to one filled with enthusiasm that reflected on her face with a big smile and bright eyes.

Around her neck she proudly wore a medal given to her by Mr. Larry, the archery instructor. She received the medal for being the loudest participant during the bullseye dance, a dance and song performed after a bullseye has been shot by a camper.

Grace was so proud of her medal, and the best thing was that she didn’t get it for being the best at archery or getting the most bullseyes. She got it for her spirit. Over the years, Grace has made many friends who also have attended camp for several summers. While waiting at the barn to ride a horse, Grace and her friends talked about their previous school year and how they would hang out when they left camp. Camp may only be one week a summer for campers, but with the friends they make at Victory Junction and the keepsakes like Grace’s medal, a little piece of camp is taken with them wherever they go.

Victory Junction Camp Stories Grace's Final Lap

It is important to make sure campers know that even if they are not at camp, camp is with them. The passion, spirit, and energy of Victory Junction is not in a physical place yet a place that is located in our hearts.