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Firsts that Last Forever

By Katy Borum

July 13, 2018

Victory Junction Camp Stories Firsts that last forever Kyontae

Kyontae Littlejohn has made new many friends and memories that will stay with him for a lifetime, all from one week at camp.


Gastonia, NC native and seven-year-old Kyontae is a first time camper this year. No matter where Kyontae is at camp, there are always people around him smiling and laughing.

Being a first time camper for some kids is difficult and can take them some time to adjust being away from home. You would have never guessed Kyontae is a first timer at Victory Junction. He is open to trying anything, always on the move, and never meets a stranger. Kyontae, like many other campers, feel a sense of comfort at camp which allows them to step out of their comfort zone and be more outgoing.

Victory Junction Camp Stories Firsts that last forever Kyontae

The atmosphere that surrounds Victory Junction takes the worries and fears away from kids who attend. They focus less on their medical diagnosis and more on the things a kid should focus on, like making friends and creating memories with those friends.

“I am most excited about trying everything at camp!” – Kyontae

Many times Kyontae would have his hand on a fellow camper’s shoulder or his arm around them. Seeing these strong bonds between two children who didn’t know each other four days prior symbolizes one main thing that Victory Junction wants each child to experience at camp, making a friend.

“Everyone meet my new friends I just made.”- Kyontae

When campers go back home, they have a heart full of memories they take with them. They will always remember the time they rode a horse, the time they ate a Krispy Kreme Doughnut with no hands, or the moment of freedom they felt going off the zip-line.

Victory Junction Camp Stories Firsts that last forever Kyontae

These memories mean a lot but at the end of the day the friendships made are the things that keep kids smiling years after they come to camp. A first encounter can mean a forever friend.