Traditional Summer Camp

Our Traditional Summer Camp programs are overnight programs designed specifically for individual campers between the ages of 6-16 to come to experience the magic of Victory Junction with other kids just like them! These programs are run by a wonderful group of summer staff, volunteers, full-time staff, and medical professionals!

Campers and counselors with miniature horse

Summer 2024 applications are now open!
We will be offering the following Summer 2024 programs:

Session 1 – Bleeding/GI: June 9-13
Session 2 – Cerebral Palsy: June 16-20
Session 3 – Sickle Cell/Oncology: June 23-27
Session 4 – Neuro/Genetics: June 30 – July 3
Session 5 – Physical Disabilities/Craniofacial/General Session: July 7-11
Session 6 – Heart/Lung/Kidney: July 14-18
Session 7 – Spina Bifida/Neuromuscular/Skeletal Dysplasia: July 21-25
Session 8 – Rheumatology/Immunology/General Session: July 28 – August 1
Session 9 – American Diabetes Association Partnership Week: August 4-8*

*Click HERE to apply for the ADA Session!
Please contact Aimee Beauchamp at if you have any questions about the ADA application.

General Eligibility Requirements

In order for a child to be eligible to apply as a primary camper they must:

Have an eligible Victory Junction diagnosis
Be between the ages of 6-16
Have a minimum developmental age of 6 years
Be able to function and participate in a group setting
Be able to communicate independently (using any method – ASL, communication devices, etc.)

How to Apply

Step 1: Create or Access Your Victory Junction Profile

New Families: Start an application here.
Under “Camper Information”, answer the basic questions about your child with a qualifying diagnosis.
Fill out your family’s basic questions (parent contact information, home address, etc.).
Click on the “Continue to Enrollment Options” to move on to Step 2.

Returning Families: Start an application here.
Log in to Parent Dashboard.
Click on the “Enrollment Tab” on the left-hand side to view your family members’ individual profiles from a previous camp session.
Ensure your child with a qualifying diagnosis who is applying for a summer camp session has a pre-existing profile.
** (If needed, to add a profile for your child with a qualifying diagnosis, click the green box labeled “Add Camper” on the right-hand side. Fill out the basic questions for your child with a qualifying diagnosis who is applying for a summer camp session) **
Move on to Step 2 once you confirm your child’s profile exists.

Step 2: How to Enroll Your Child With a Qualifying Diagnosis for a Summer Camp Session

A. Enrollment Options
Once you are on the Enrollment for 2024 page, click the “Enroll [Camper Name]” button.
Click the grey “+ Add Option” button on the right-hand side.
Under “Select an Option:” choose the session that best fits this specific camper (Ex: Spring General Session, Summer Retreat, Autism Retreat 1, etc.).
Click “Save & Continue”.

B. Questions
Fill out all questions under “Camper Application Questions + Additional Options”.
Submit the completed questionnaire by clicking “Save & Continue”.

C. Forms
2024 Camper Care Form
2024 Victory Junction Medical Form – filled out and signed by a doctor
2024 Immunization Records
2024 Consent Form
2024 Dietary Needs (will populate if you indicate that you have specific dietary needs on first questionnaire)
2024 Medical Needs and Devices
2024 Diagnosis-Specific Forms*
Basic Medical Information
Medications and Allergies

*Diagnosis-Specific forms will populate on your camper’s profile based on the questions on your 2024 Camper Care Form. Please make sure that you complete those questions accurately so that the correct forms will populate for you.

D. Checkout
Once there is a green check mark on the left side of ALL forms, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.
This “Submit” button is the step that officially sends us your application so that we can process it. Please do not forget this step, or we might not see your application in our database.

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Friendly Reminders

All steps of the application must be submitted for each individual in order to be considered. You will receive an “Application Complete” email from Camper Admissions within 2-3 business days of submitting the application. This email will indicate that the application is currently being processed by the medical team.

Due to the high quantity of applications being submitted, please give Camper Admissions 2-3 business days to sort through submitted applications and respond with an email.

Decisions will be communicated to families between May 1-June 1, depending on the session you applied for. All applicants will receive a decision email of some kind.

Unfortunately, Victory Junction may not be able to accommodate all who apply to camp. While we would love to serve all applicants, we receive several applications for a limited number of slots to offer. If your camper is put on the waitlist, you will be notified if a camp opportunity becomes available. Please hold all calls/emails regarding the waitlist as we cannot tell you where your child is on the list. ​

This is an application process. Acceptance is not guaranteed.​

Si desea asistencia con la solicitud en español, complete ESTE FORMULARIO.