Summer Camp

Camp Update

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, our 2020 summer camp programs have been suspended. For more information, please read our full statement here.

Summer Schedule

Cerebral Palsy: June 7-11
Sickle Cell/Cancer: June 14-18
Bleeding/GI Disorders: June 21-25
Neurological/Genetic Disorders: June 28 – July 1*
Rheumatology/Immunology/General Session: July 5-9
Heart/Lung/Kidney: July 12-16
Spina Bifida/Neuromuscular Disorders/Craniofacial Anomalies/Physical Disabilities: July 19-23
MDA: Muscular Dystrophy Association: July 26-30
General Session: August 2-6

Please apply for the session that best associates with your camper’s diagnoses. In hopes of accommodating as many campers as possible, your camper may be asked to attend a different session than the week originally applied for.

As the summer program is an application process, please note that acceptance is not guaranteed.

*Autism is currently served during our Autism Days program in the spring.

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Diabetes Statement

At this time, it has been decided that Victory Junction will not serve the Diabetes population during the summer of 2020. We are so
sorry for any disappointments this decision may cause for our campers and families. There are many factors that were considered in making this change. It is important to note that Victory Junction reevaluates its programming offered each year, and while this is our decision for 2020, this may change for future camp seasons. As we move forward with this decision please know how grateful we are to have served those campers and families. We value and cherish each one and do not take for granted all that they have added to our camp atmosphere and mission.

Although we will not be able to serve our Diabetes population during the summer of 2020, we will still be accepting applications for campers with Diabetes for our Spring and Fall 2020 Family Weekend programs. Please visit our Family Weekends webpage for specific dates and opportunities for your family to join us! Thank you for your continuous support of Victory Junction!

We look forward to processing your weekend applications!

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In order for a child to be eligible for a summer session s/he must:

Have an eligible diagnosis*
Be between the ages of 6-16**
Have a minimum developmental age of 6 years
Be able to function and participate in a group setting
Be able to communicate needs independently

*Autism is currently served during our Autism Days program in the spring.
** Applicants must be at least 6 prior to the beginning of his/her targeted Summer Session.
** Applicants who turn 17 after June 1, 2020 are eligible for 2020 Summer Programs.
** Applicants who turn 17 before June 1, 2020 are not eligible for 2020 Summer Programs.

Summer Camp Application Checklist

To ensure your application is complete for review, please submit the following pieces for each individual application for summer camp.

Step 1: Enrollment Options

New Families: Start an application here.
Fill out the basic information in the initial questionnaire.
Click “Continue to Enrollment Options”.
Under “Select an Option:” choose which session is the best fit for your camper.
Click “Save and Continue”.

Returning Families: Start an application here.
Log in to Parent Dashboard.
Choose camper and select “Enroll [Camper Name] for 2020” option.
Under “Select an Option:” choose which session is the best fit for your camper.
Click “Save and Continue”.

Step 2: Questions

Fill out questions under “Summer Camper Application Questions + Additional Options”.
Submit the completed questionnaire.

Step 3: Forms

2020 Victory Junction Medical Form – Filled out and signed by a doctor
2020 immunizations records
2020 Camper Care Form
2020 dietary needs*
2020 Consent Form
Medical needs and devices
Basic medical information
Medications and allergies
Diagnosis-specific forms**

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*The dietary needs form will populate if you indicate that you have specific dietary needs on the first questionnaire.
**Diagnosis-specific forms will populate on your camper’s profile, based on the questions on your 2020 Camper Care Form. Please make sure that you complete those questions accurately so that the correct forms will populate for you.

Step 4: Checkout

Once there is a green check mark on the left side of ALL forms, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.
The “Submit” button is the step that officially sends us your application so that we can process it. Please do not forget this step, or we might not see your application in our database.

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Friendly Reminders

All four steps of the application must be submitted for each individual in order to be considered. You will receive an “Application Complete” email from Camper Admissions within 2-3 business days of submitting the application. This email will indicate that the application is currently being processed by the medical team.

Due to the high quantity of applications being submitted, please give Camper Admissions 2-3 business days to sort through faxes/emails (Example: Forms being sent in from medical providers). If you do not receive this email 3-5 business days, please ask your medical provider to re-fax the form.

Decisions will be communicated to families between April 15 – June 15, depending on the session you applied for. All applicants will receive a decision email.

Unfortunately, Victory junction may not be able to accommodate all who apply to camp. While we would love to serve all applicants, we receive several applications for a limited number of slots to offer. If your camper is put on the waitlist, you will be notified if a camp opportunity becomes available. Please hold all calls/emails regarding the waitlist as we cannot tell you where your child is on the list. ​

This is an application process. Acceptance is not guaranteed.​