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Camper Q&A: Matteo

June 26, 2017

We caught up with veteran camper, Matteo. This year will be Matteo’s fourth year coming to Victory Junction.
How would you describe your camp experience?

At first, I was curious about getting to see former counselors and campers, but there weren’t many familiar faces. As the days went by, I began to get more comfortable and made more friends with people I didn’t know from previous years.

What brought you to Victory Junction?

I came because I was eligible and I really wanted a chance to be able to go to a camp. My parents and I had heard about Victory Junction, so we tried it out. It’s a really fun a place and I am so glad I’ve spent my summers here.

What has been your favorite moment from camp so far?

Stage Day because it was really fun to be able to go up on stage and have an accepting audience. If I mess up, I don’t worry about it because they will it accept it. It was really cool to see fellow campers’ skills and see them so comfortable on the stage.

Has camp taught you anything about yourself?

It has taught me to be more open and accepting of myself. I see other campers, and they are happy and feel normal. It has given me more perspective and it made me feel better about my condition.

What is your favorite place at camp?

I really like the kitchen because they serve fantastic food. The chef is amazing, and he makes the best gluten free food ever.

Describe Victory Junction in one word.