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The Cake for Breakfast Club

By Kevin Clark and Katy Borum

November 19, 2018

Victory Junction is filled with many traditions, such as singing and dancing after meals, giving out warm and fuzzies, Stage Day, and cabin talk. Each tradition is a puzzle piece to camp, and they all come together to make Victory Junction an unforgettable experience. One such tradition is the Cake for Breakfast Club.


It all started in the spring of 2007 when Larry Wagner, the camp archery instructor, and other volunteers gathered in the Fuel Stop early one Sunday morning. After talking for a while, one of the volunteers asked if there was anything to eat. Checking the kitchen to find cake being the only option available. “We can’t have cake for breakfast,” one volunteer muttered. “Why not?” Larry asked. After all this is Victory Junction, so having cake for breakfast doesn’t seem too crazy, compared to some of the other traditions, such as eating doughnuts with no hands. What seemed like a little decision in the moment has turned into a tradition that over 400 volunteers can now say they’re a part of –  a time to get together for good conversation, fellowship, and of course, cake!

The Cake for Breakfast Club meets during family weekends on Sunday mornings at 6:30. New members are welcomed each camp session, and they even receive their own official membership card!

“We didn’t keep count, but I know we’re over four hundred members.” –  Larry Wagner, Victory Junction Archery Instructor

The club even helped Larry’s granddaughter celebrate her 21st birthday with a special birthday cake one morning they met.  This camp tradition proves that even the smallest things can have a big impact and meaning to others. It provides a sense of community all while getting to eat a sweet treat for breakfast. How can you beat that?


The Cake for Breakfast Club is just one of the many traditions that help make Victory Junction a special place.