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A Look Into Our Year-Round Staff

By Katy Borum

August 8, 2018

Victory Junction Camp Stories A look into our year round staff

Summer camp is coming to a close this week but it will be one to surely remember.  NASCARnivals, camp cheers and shared laughter make the memories of camp unforgettable. Victory Junction is proud to have served nearly 950 kids this camp session resulting in hundreds of bullseyes shot at the archery range, countless friendships between campers, and an endless number of smiles.


It takes a lot of year-round staff members to make camp possible. I wanted to share a little bit about some of their Victory Junction journeys as well as their favorite memory from this summer.

Let’s start off with Jonathan Lemmon, Executive Program Director. Jonathan started his journey with Victory Junction in 2009 as a program manager and transitioned into the outreach program where he served children in hospitals throughout North & South Carolina. After many years of being Outreach Director, Jonathan most recently became the Executive Program Director. You can see him all around camp making sure everything is in running order and going smoothly. When asked what his favorite memory of camp was this summer, Jonathan said

Victory Junction Camp Stories A look into our year round staff
“My favorite memory of camp this summer was when I was able to sit back and have the opportunity to watch connections be made between others. I enjoy watching people be able to be themselves and feel comfortable. The connections with campers and counselors is what it’s all about.”

Up next we have Jacob Byrd who began at Victory Junction as a counselor in 2008. Over the years, Jacob has worn many hats as a cabin counselor, a unit leader, and an entertainment coordinator. Jacob transitioned into a full-time employee in 2011.

All the campers love Jacob and his outgoing personality. When Jacob was asked what his favorite part of the 2018 summer camp session was, he stated

 “It would have to be seeing the summer staff at camp. Some are nervous when they first arrive but it is a cool opportunity to see them grow and see all the things they do for camp.”
Victory Junction Camp Stories A look into our year round staff

Last but not least we have Frances Beasley. Frances joined the VJ family this year and she fits right in with her joyful smile and welcoming personality. Being the Chief Development Officer, Frances is always on the move making sure camp has what it needs whether it be a pit crew for NASCARnival or sponsors to help bring more kids to camp. When I asked Frances what her favorite memory was, she replied

Victory Junction Camp Stories A look into our year round staff
“The counselors. I am so inspired by them. I knew the campers would inspire me but I had no idea how much of an impact the counselors would have on me. They always are on and have energy.”

Campers, counselors, volunteers, and year-round staff each have a part in making Victory Junction a home for everyone involved. Our home is where we celebrate fun, make friends, and experience freedom.


We are Victory Junction and we are a family.