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A Day Packed with Summer Camp Fun

By Bailey Deaver
July 8, 2022

Summer Day Camps

“Victory Junction, how do you feel?” is the start to an iconic cheer often heard around VJ. Cheers are just one of the ways campers show their excitement to be at Camp. In the past two years, while we are all adjusting to life during a pandemic, things have been different around VJ. But while exploring all the different ways we can still provide Camp experiences, one thing has stayed constant: campers’ excitement to be here. And we are just as excited to be able to offer different programming to make that possible, including family weekends, summer camp weeks, and day camps.

This summer, our programming was different compared to previous summers. The month of June consisted of two types of programming: family weekends and day camps. Victory Junction created summer day camps in 2021 in order to provide camp programming for families with added safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. These day camp sessions condense the activities of a summer camp week into a short session that still delivers a lot of fun and excitement to campers. Families of campers are also welcome to come and join in on the VJ experience for these sessions.

Boating was a popular family activity during day camps.

For 2022, day camps ran on Mondays and Tuesdays during June, starting at 9 am each day. The sessions started with two turns of activities where camper families could enjoy program areas, like boating and fishing, the waterpark, archery, Superdome, and the barn. Counselors accompanied campers and their families, showed them around, and participated in activities with them. After the morning fun, everyone enjoyed lunch in the Fuel Stop, the camp’s dining hall. In the afternoon, camper families experienced more fun with other program area opportunities. The Camp fun concluded each day when families departed at 5 pm.

Boating was a popular family activity during day camps.
Summer day camps included activities like the Adventure Tower.

In addition to general session day camps, Victory Junction also ran four partnership program day camps for individuals served by Horizons Residential Care Center of Forsyth County, North Carolina. Programming for these sessions were specifically adapted for the needs of the Horizons community. Adaptations included modified activities and the addition of a recharge period after lunch, when participants could relax or take a nap before resuming camp activities.

No matter what programming we are having at VJ, we always love hearing cheers around Camp. So while a lot at VJ has changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some things remain the same. So we ask you, “Victory Junction, how do you feel?”