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Kyle Petty Charity Ride Returns to Victory Junction

May 11, 2018

Kyle Petty Charity Ride

Victory Junction welcomed the 24th Annual Kyle Petty Charity Ride back to camp for the first time since 2010 as the Ride concluded this year’s journey. Victory Junction founder Kyle Petty led 225 participants on the trek from Portland, Maine to Greensboro, North Carolina, traveling through nine states in seven days. The Ride logged over 1,200 miles on this year’s trip to raise funds and awareness for Victory Junction. 

Kyle Petty and Camper

“It’s pretty emotional to come back here with this group of riders because they are so special to meWe saw more campers on this trip, than any other trip we have taken,” Petty said. “Because the camp is here in North Carolina we see a lot of kids from the northeast, so we were able to contact a lot of families and say ‘come hang out with us, come have dinner with us.’ I think that made this ride a little more special, and then you end here too and have so many campers here, that’s been the special part.”  

Campers and their families greeted the Ride participants as they arrived at camp to thank them for their dedication and support. Victory Junction President and CEO Chad Coltrane also expressed his appreciation. “The money they have raised is going to sponsor a full week of kids to come to camp,” Coltrane explained. “Appropriately, that week’s theme is Heroes Week, and I want to thank all the riders for being our heroes.” 

Camper Family