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Fun at NASCARnival

By Katy Borum

July 18, 2018

Victory Junction Camp Stories NASCARnival

Tuesday nights at Victory Junction are filled with sweet treats, games, and exhilaration during NASCARnival!


After dinner and a dance party, everyone heads out to Victory Circle to get NASCARnival started. A professional NASCAR pit crew performs a live-action tire change on the camp’s number 45 race car. Campers get a chance to change a tire with the help of a pit crew member to see what it really feels like to be part of the team.

Victory Junction Camp Stories NASCARnival

NASCARnival also offers many other fun activities for campers including cornhole, face painting, airbrush tattoos, carnival games, hot air balloon rides, and getting the opportunity to pie a counselor in the face. Service dogs are also on hand to visit the campers during the festivities. For some children, petting and getting to play with the service dogs helps alleviate anxiety and feelings of missing home.

Besides games and activities, there are many treats to eat! Popcorn, Icees, ice cream, cotton candy, and hand-dipped chocolate covered Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are available for everyone to enjoy.

Krispy Kreme donates all the doughnuts for NASCARnival each week and has employees from different stores volunteer to bring them out and help with the preparation. Although there are many options for sweets, it is always monitored by counselors and kept in moderation.

Bringing everyone at camp together for NASCARnival is a magical experience. All the campers, counselors, volunteers, and staff get to interact with each other grow and their friendships. Sharing a cotton candy with a fellow cabin mate, petting a dog with a favorite counselor, or getting a matching airbrush tattoo with a friend from another cabin are the small moments that make up such a big night.

Victory Junction Camp Stories NASCARnival

Being a camp wide activity, NASCARnival is talked about all week and loved by everyone. It creates an atmosphere where the main goal is to have fun, treat yourself with a sweet dessert, and just embrace a beautiful summer camp evening.