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Cadence’s Furry Friend

August 2, 2017


Summer camp means kids say ‘see you later’ to their parents for a little while. That could be pretty scary. When your mom is also your best friend, saying ‘see you later’ could seem even scarier – but not for Cadence. Cadence has come to camp not once or twice, but four times! Her friends and fun times at camp make up for being away from home.

The youngest group of campers, the Green Unit, is Cadence’s camp family for the week. You can find them splashing in the water park, pieing counselors at NASCARnival and shouting camp cheers together. However, Cadence enjoys something else even more. Spending time at the horse barn. That is because her favorite animal isn’t just a horse, it is a Victory Junction horse – Dusty.

“Dusty makes me feel safe; he’s different from all other horses.”

Helping campers feel safe is one of our main goals. Outside of our gates, kids might not be able to do things because of safety concerns. At Victory Junction, we make sure they are able to experience those things, safely. Before Cadence was a Victory Junction camper, she was never able to ride a horse. Now, every time she comes back to camp, she cannot wait to saddle up and hang out with her best friend Dusty. It’s not so scary to leave home for a few days when your best friends and furry friends are here at Victory Junction.