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A Look into Our Body Shop

July 11, 2017

Every camp has a health center. Some may call it their clinic or infirmary… we call ours the Body Shop. Here are 8 things you didn’t know about the Body Shop:
1. Why We Are Different

Not only is our name different – our care is different, too. We provide campers with everyday needs, like band aids for scraps and ice for bumps and bruises. We also provide infusions, dialysis and administer oral chemotherapy. We meet every need of our kids because they are our top priority.

2. Cabin or Doctor’s Office?

Body Shop rooms are decorated to look exactly like our cabins. If campers have to spend the night in the Body Shop, they don’t feel like they’re in a hospital or feel like they’re missing out on the camp experience. Cords and mechanical items also hang from the ceiling, just like a real body shop (don’t worry, they’re just decorations!). The racing theme does not stop there – our shiny, black and white checkered floors are a perfect complement to our toolboxes, which are actually our nurses’ carts.

3. Check-In Day

When children are checked in on the first day, their medicine is checked in as well. Our doctors and nurses are fully educated on all medical needs of our campers so care is always tailored. All medicine is kept safe in our pharmacy, also located in the Body Shop. How cool is that?

4. Who Needs Scrubs?

We want our campers to feel comfortable and focus on just being kids when they are at camp, so our nurses and doctors don’t wear scrubs – they dress just like our counselors! This way, campers don’t feel like they’re at the doctor’s office if they have to come into the Body Shop or if they need to receive medicine. The team wears tie-dye lanyards to make it easy for kids and counselors to find them, if needed.

5. Fun Never Stops

Our nursing staff brings medicine to campers so they don’t have to worry about going to the Body Shop. This is so our campers don’t miss out on any fun!

6. Our Pit Crew

Our Body Shop is run by three types of staff: full-time, volunteer and seasonal. Many of our doctors and nurses come from neighboring hospitals and clinics; however, some even fly to North Carolina to volunteer for a week or two.

7. Room Names

Traditionally in a hospital, each room is designated a number. However, in the Body Shop, each room has a special name. For example, the “Brave Room” and “Dreamer Room” are two rooms in our Body Shop.

8. Oops! Wrong Number!

Our staff attends to campers… not vehicles. People will mistakenly call Victory Junction Body Shop thinking it is a body shop that will fix their car. Although our staff would love to help others with their vehicle troubles, campers are their main priority.