Provide the Magic of Camp and Change a Child’s Life

When kids come to Victory Junction they don’t have time to think about their illness, disease or disability because they have work to do. A child’s job is to imagine, dream, wish and aspire by conquering activities like the zip line or achieving first-time experiences like riding a horse, bowling, fishing or swimming. Along the way they make friends, build self-esteem and attain confidence that will shape how they view the rest of their lives. There is a job for you too: Dream Maker. Taking on that role is a rewarding, fulfilling job that is waiting for you.

Their Dream Job, Our Focus.

Mighty Superhero, Destiny- 15

Job Description: Triumph over every activity, game and challenge with imagination and a positive attitude

“I made my very own superhero costume. I had a cape, mask and wristbands. I brought them home. It helps me remember being at camp with my friends.” -Destiny

Our campers find exciting ways to express their individuality and display new-found abilities. For Destiny, becoming a super hero was a way to magically connect with her inner diva. With her hand-made cape fluttering, she danced with camp friends and counselors during dance parties. She wore her glittering mask on stage and performed her favorite Demi Lovato song. A positive attitude makes it easier for children to overcome daily medical challenges.

“Destiny loves Victory Junction. She’s a diva for the time she is there. It has helped her to make friends outside of camp. It really boosts her self-esteem and gives her a positive attitude.” -Joni, Destiny’s Mom

Big League Dreamers, Aaron- 7 and Kendrick- 8

Job Description: Team up with new friends and play ball on our indoor field of dreams

“Aaron is my best buddy. We like doing things together.”

A little competition is a good thing. It’s an attitude booster, a confidence builder, plus it’s a lot of fun. Just ask Kendrick and Aaron. They teamed up to double their fun at Victory Junction. All it took was for them to step into the Superdome and put on a batting helmet and catcher’s mask to make big league dreams come true.

“He’s so excited when he gets to Victory Junction. Once he gets back home he has to tell me all the stories from camp.”
-Linda, Kendrick’s Mom

The Superdome is a unique, special part of Victory Junction. During family weekends the Superdome is often the place where parents can cheer on their child in the field of play for the first time. We don’t know who benefits most- the child hearing the cheers or the parents doing all the yelling, but everyone leaves feeling like winners.

Friendship Coordinators, Sheridan and Elissa- 13

Job Description: Discover the power of making best friends who know exactly what you’re going through

“This is my only chance to feel like a normal kid. My life has always been full of sickness and being different. Victory Junction means normal.” -Elissa

Facing a chronic illness or serious medical condition can be isolating. Too often a child’s world is limited to the four walls of a hospital room or the house they live in and many times they feel alone and solitary. That goes out the window at Victory Junction. Children make instant connections and lasting friendships because they do not feel misunderstood or different. Everyone shares a common bond and a common desire to look beyond their diagnosis.

“I love Victory Junction because I feel like I belong. I don’t feel different because of my illness. Everyone can relate to one another because we all are dealing with the same thing. I am not the only person dealing with sickle cell disease.”

We could not have said it any better.

Pool Party Director, Aiden- 10

Job Description: Add humor, energy and fun to pool games with fellow campers

“It’s good to know there are other people who have the same disease. You can relate. You aren’t judged by it.” -Aiden

Children like Aiden are not alone when they come to Victory Junction. They meet other kids who are living with the same medical realities. After diving into camp life, many children are able to manage their illnesses more positively and respond better to treatment.

“Victory Junction has helped Aiden’s independence grow. He administers his own IV medicines now. He has learned how to manage his disease.”
-Andrea, Aiden’s Mom

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